Pluryal® Skincare
Moon Must
Restructuring serum

Redefining your skin contours

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Product Benefits

3-in-1 night treatment
Suits all skin types

Main Ingredient

HA-Boost Complex




Ingredient Context Action
Plant stem cells from the Argan tree The regenerative capacity
of the cutaneous tissue relies
on the skin’s adult stem cells.

Effectively stimulates the regeneration of dermal 
connective tissues.

+ Makes the skin denser
+ Restores skin firmness

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble isoprenoid essential for growth dierentiation and maintaining epithelial tissues. However, Vitamin A is not stable in cosmetic formulae as it is highly reactive to light, oxygen and temperature. Once encapsulated,
it becomes more stable and better able to direct ingredients to
the skin’s action points.

Increase the effectiveness of Vitamin A.

+ Progressive release



1. ​Subjective evaluation questionnaires

75% moisturized skin
80% smoother skin
65% denser & firmer skin

2. Objective performance measur​ements

65% anti-aging effect, denser skin

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