09 October 2017


When faced with a growing demand for anti-ageing therapies, what should we think about micro-needling, this non-invasive treatment which has been recommended for the treatment of skin imperfections and the signs of ageing?

The “cult of youth” has become a real social phenomenon.

This constant need to present a positive self-image has driven cosmetic medicine to look for innovative techniques in order to compensate for the underlying effects of time due to one’s gene pool or hormonal changes, by tackling the oxidative stress generated by external factors such as pollution, UVB exposure, etc.

Micro-needling is a part of this. This simple, safe and efficient solution, based on collagen induction therapy, made its first appearance in the 1990’s.  In the beginning it was used to treat acne scars, stretch marks and loose skin, and now it is used as an anti-ageing treatment among other things.

What is micro-needling? This administration path uses a dermaroller whose micro-needles, by electrically simulating the fibroblasts, enable active ingredients to be painlessly injected into the skin. The positive results which been obtained concerning the surface skin appearance, the transepidermal water loss and the penetration of the active ingredients have provided ample proof that this is not only an anti-ageing solution but is also effective in the treatment of stretch marks, acne or chicken-pox scars as well as for toning up the skin.

Speaking personally, the success achieved by the dermaroller brand Mesolin® Roller (1.5 mm) from the MD SOLUTIONS laboratories has encouraged me to recommend this technique and its collagen induction to my patients. My reason being that it allows the active ingredients to be distributed so that the skin can be revitalised, antioxidised, toned up or depigmented and that positive results can be seen, both with regards to the appearance of the skin and its density.

Among the various cosmetic medicine treatments which I have been able to test, I have especially liked mesoline® ANTIOX, mesoline® REFRESH, mesoline® TIGHT and mesoline® SHINE from the MD SKIN SOLUTIONS laboratories.

The powerful synergy of their formula’s active ingredients promotes both a holistic, and a very focused approach towards the cosmetic or anti-ageing challenges.

Here are the main active ingredients:

- Hyaluronic acid (moistures and repulps)

- DMAE (restores the firmness and the elasticity of the skin)

- Stem cells (regeneration of the epidemis)

- Alpha-lipoic acid which reverses certain types of mitochondrial degeneration.

- Glutathione for the maintenance of the cellular cytoplasmic redox potential

- Mannitol with a strong antiradical capacity which “short circuits” the oxidative chain reactions.

- Acetylcysteine, a non-essential amino acid stimulating the production of major antioxidant glutathione.

In conclusion, and with the proviso that the principles of caution are respected, or the contra-indications, treatments using micro-needling in order to combat oxidative stress are, on the whole, perfectly well tolerated and are genuinely effective on ageing and skin imperfections. In addition, this is a method which is simple, safe and inexpensive at the same time.

Dr Jacques-André DAVID

Maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic medicine, France
Specialized in maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic medicine, Dr. Jacques-André David is currently one of the leading aesthetic physicians for anti-aging and wellbeing procedures in France.
Dr. J.A David combines anti-aging and cosmetic medicine with health and body training sessions under a concept known as E.F.E: Equilibre, Forme et Esthétique (Balance, Health and Aesthetics).
His work focuses on treating wrinkles, aging skin, acne, scars, stretch marks, skin laxity and cellulite, as well as fat reduction. 

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