With age, skin loses its volume and wrinkles start to appear. MD Skin Solutions has developed a wide range of  treatments and products to correct the different signs of skin aging and to provide lasting-natural results.

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Understanding skin aging

In addition to extensive know-how in hyaluronic acid fillers, MD Skin Solutions has developed an innovative BioFACT concept for mesotherapy treatments,which represents an important shift from biostimulation to sustainable regeneration.

The Pluryal® P.R.E.M.I.U.M. concept further highlights the innovative spirit underpinning all our work. This approach ensures reliable long-lasting results and comprehensive anti-aging solutions with 3 products that act on 3 levels of the dermis.

The complete solution

Through our professional product lines Pluryal®, Pluryal® Meso, and Mesoline®, physicians are now able to offer their patients 5 flexible and modular anti-aging programmes to meet the specific needs of all age groups. Treatments can be combined for fully optimized skincare.The ready-to-use, highly concentrated formulas achieve real clinical effectiveness proven   by diverse clinical studies and publications.

Science-based Pluryal® skincare products provide patients with a complete line of day and night facials products designed for optimum skin hydration, protection and stimulation. This anti-aging skincare line is based on an innovative and unique HA-Boost Complex regeneration formula.

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