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Based in Luxembourg, MD Skin Solutions is a European ISO 13485 certified laboratory specialized in developing anti-aging treatments and solutions.

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MD Skin solutions is based in the heart of Europe in Luxembourg city.

Our research focuses on innovative age-defying, regenerative skincare formulas to provide tailor-made complementary products and treatments. We strive to optimize skin regeneration solutions for both professionals and patients through 4 combinable product ranges.

Our products are distributed in more than 70 countries around the world.


Every 5 minutes, a MD Skin Solutions treatment is being applied somewhere in the world. In the 7th year of international sales, our highly effective mesoline treatments have been administered over 1 million times. 

MD Skin Solutions products are available in 70 countries all over the world through our exlusive distributors in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and latin America. We are constantly looking to move into new markets to meet the diverse needs of more patients. 

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